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2018 Hawks Team Store



The Hawks are very proud to work with Wilson/Demarini to offer you some tremendous options for Hawks players and families to wear/use throughout the season.  Wilson recently acquired Louisville Slugger and EVOSHIELD and can offer their items such as Leg Guards, Wrist Guards, etc. 

This store features the following items:

  1. Hawks Apparel including sweatshirts, fleeces, shorts, jackets, etc
  2. Option to purchase additional game jerseys, practice jerseys, pants, etc.
  3. EVOSHIELD protective equipment
  4. EVOSHIELD hats
  5. Catchers Gear
  6. 2018 BBCOR and USA Bats (The bats the Hawks will use)
  7. Hawks Batting Gloves! 
  8. and more!!!

Please see below for more information about this store and use the link above to visit the online store! 

Information about the

2018 GBG Hawks Team Store:


  1. All orders will be placed at the closing of the team store on 2/26/18.  Once the store closes we will receive all items ordered and we will have them at RBI prior to 4/1/18.   Dates of future openings of our online store are TBD, but all items purchased on this store (ending 2/26) will be in prior to start of season, with the exception of a 6 week lead time on batting gloves. 
  2. Every item in this store is optional, nothing is required.  Anything the Hawks require you to have is included in your tuition and will be provided.  This includes:
    1. Primary Game Jersey
    2. Alternate Jersey
    3. Practice Jersey
    4. Game Pants
    5. Practice Pants
    6. Bag
    7. Helmet
    8. Socks
    9. Belt
    10. Practice Hat
    11. Game Hat
  3. Many Hawks request additional practice jerseys/pants/etc and those can be purchased in this team store.
  4. Many Hawks are always looking for other items such as sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, etc.  Those can all be found in this online store. 
  5. Items may/may not be available at RBI for purchase after the store closing date so we strongly suggest ordering your items using this team store.
  6. There may be additional items added to a future store or a separate store, but this will be the main online option for additional apparel. 
  7. Additional Game Hats, fan hats, etc can all be purchased at RBI Baseball and will not be available online. 
  8. Wood Bats will NOT be sold on the Team Store.  We currently have a wide selection of Louisville Slugger & DeMarini wood bats for any players that want to purchase wood bats with their HAWKS 10% DISCOUNT!  We will not be doing any personal orders or orders from other companies.