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Openpath Schedule and Registrations

OpenPath Availability

Hawks that are registered for the GBG Northeast Program in 2022/2023 do not need to fill out the Open Path Registration this year as the registration was included in your Hawks registration.  This is for our Mansfield facility only.  Thank you!

June 1 - August 6, 2023

Teams will be having practices throughout the day, however there will always be cages available.  Just may be more limited during practice times.  Please use this link to check team's practice schedules.

Monday: 6am - 10pm

Tuesday:  6am - 10pm

Wednesday: 6am - 10pm

Thursday: 6am - 10pm

Friday:  6am - 10pm

Saturday:  6am - 10pm

Sunday:  6am -  10pm

Any questions or issues with your account, please contact Misti Bumila at

*Please note that weather may adjust these hours if a GBG practice has to be moved indoors.  Please check our twitter feed to the right for updated practice announcements for all teams.


  1. I understand that access to the facility will not be available at all times. 
  2. I understand that no member of the RBI/GBG staff will be present during the usage of the facility.
  3. I understand that athletes 15 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian and they MUST be present at all times when utilizing the facility.
  4. I understand that access to the facility is ONLY for GBG Northeast Hawks and their parents/guardians.  No guests of any kind are allowed in the facility.  Bringing athletes outside of the GBG program or outside trainers/coaches/etc will result in immediate termination of access to the facility.
  5. I understand that my rights to the facility may be rescinded at any point for violating the rules and regulations of this agreement.  Access to the facility by utilizing the Open Path system is not included in the athlete's tuition and can be removed at any time. 
  6. I understand that I will leave the facility as I found it and not damage any equipment or any other elements of the facility.
  7. I will remove any trash I bring into the facility
  8. I will ensure the door is locked behind me as I leave the facility
  9. I will ensure the lights are turned off prior to departing the facility
  10. I understand that "open" hours for GBG athletes may vary by season and are not guaranteed.
  11. I understand that there is no scheduling for the facility during open hours and if multiple families are utilizing the facility at the same time, that I will work with the other GBG families to share the space. 
  12. I understand that in the event of an emergency, I will call 911 and provide them with the address of 458 Chauncy St, Mansfield, MA.  This address will be posted on the rules and regulations within the facility as well.
  13. I understand that I will be on video and recorded by security cameras at all times. 
  14. I understand that RBI may discontinue usage of this system for all at any time. 

For our GBG Alumni as well as approved and invited Open enrollment athletes, please use the link below to register as well as fill out the waivers and forms. 

GBG_Hawks GBG Northeast Hawks GBG_Hawks